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How To Stop Dog Chasing Cars?

how to stop dog from chasing

One of the most genuine problem behaviors among dogs is that of chasing cars. If you wonder “How To Stop Dog From Chasing?”, then read this post!.

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Dogs must be trained right on time that chasing cars is not an acceptable behavior. That is on the grounds that dogs that chase cars eventually become dogs that catch cars. And car plus dog always equals big trouble.

Reasons For Dogs Chasing Cars

There are numerous reasons that dogs chase cars. Chasing moving items is an ingrained, instinctual conduct that can never be totally removed from a dog.  Chasing practices, anyway can and ought to be controlled through a mix of good training and management.

A few dogs are more apt to chase cars, bicycles, joggers, cats and different dogs than are others. Dogs that have a high prey drive, including breeds that have been reared for chasing, are especially powerless to the excitement of the chase. Herding breeds are likewise well-suited to chase cars, neighbors’ kids, or express other undesired characteristics of their breeding.

One explanation that numerous dogs, chase cars is that they have figured out how to connect cars with great time and fun things. Most dogs love to ride in the car, and when they see a car they may attempt to chase it down for a ride.

Stop Dog Chasing Cars Using “Off” Obedience Command

Whatever maybe your dog’s inspiration for chasing cars, it is important to check this risky conduct as fast as could reasonably be expected. Training the dog not to chase cars begins with showing the dog the significance of the “Off” command. The “Off” command is one of the basic commands of obedience, and it must be mastered by each dog.

Stop Dog Chasing Cars Using Distraction Or Interruption Training

Instructing the dog to stay where he is, regardless of whether fascinating or energizing things are occurring somewhere else, is important to all parts of dog training. In the realm of expert dog training, this is referred to as distraction or interruption training. Distraction training is important, and it shows the dog not to chase cars.

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Teaching this important exercise isn’t something you will have the option to do all alone. You will require one other individual – a volunteer who will gradually drive by and entice your dog with his brilliant, glossy object.

You will remain with your dog on his leash as the volunteer drives by. Having the volunteer drive your own car can give a much more noteworthy allurement, since dogs can recognize one car from another. On the off chance that your car is the one that gives his rides, it is probably going to be the most tempting item on the planet.

At the point when your companion drives by, either in your car or his, watch your dog’s response carefully. In the event that he starts to bounce up or move away, repeat the “Off” command and rapidly. Return your dog to the sitting position. In the event that he remains where he is, make certain to give him lavish amounts of praise and maybe a treat or two.

Repeat this process many times over for a couple of days. When your dog is reliably remaining seated when your companion drives by, begin lengthening the distance between yourself and your dog.

A long, retractable leash works incredible for this procedure. Gradually stretch the separation among you and your dog, while making sure you have control.

What To Do When You Cannot Supervise Your Dog?

Significantly after your dog is trained to not chase cars, it is important to not leave him out off the leash unsupervised. Leaving a dog unattended, aside from inside an appropriately and safely fenced in yard, is simply asking for trouble.

Dogs are unpredictable, and it is conceivable that the chase impulse could kick in at the wrong moment. The best strategy is to confine the dog when you cannot supervise him.

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